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About Us

We offer daily Shuttle Bus services to employed professionals


s people who are most sincere to our business and committed to our Clients and Customers, we never believe in talking about our own selves. We truly feel that the talk should come from satisfied Customers who are experiencing the comfort, ease, flexibility and reliability of our services.

For the benefit of a few who would like to the little About Us, the story goes like this


This concept was a result of the physical stress and mental strain that a few of our friends experienced and shared with us way back in 2011. We started with just a single shuttle service route with hardly ten passengers on board. Very soon, we were able to observe and realize that the friends who complained to us about their distress in commuting to office were much at ease. Then why not extend the same comfort and pleasure of travel to our countrymen was the ONLY idea which mooted us and as a result, SS-HUB was born in early 2011.

Once we were into business, we strongly registered in mind that – CONSISTENCY, RELIABILITY and COMFORT would form the three watch words for the basis of evaluating our own selves as well as to provide commitment and service to our customers. Today we are happy that we are continuing to offer the same with a quality that we are continuously striving to improve upon – with time and experience.

What Does Ss-Hub Offer?

  • Saves your valuable time
  • Lighter on your wallet
  • Allows employed professionals to travel with ease and comfort
  • Prompt pickup and drop at designated points – with a flexibility to changing needs
  • Offers a choice of your convenient time from a pickup location nearest to your home
  • Helps reduce the cars on our roads, contributing a little to environmental health
  • Facilitates operation of either two-way bus travel (both onward and return) or prefer just a one-way travel
  • Flexible option to choose from different pickup / drop timings

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